WestCrown – a joint venture of Westfleisch and Danish Crown

WestCrown is a 50/50 joint venture of two cooperative meat distributors, Westfleisch SCE mbH, Münster (Germany) and Danish Crown, Randers (Denmark). The joint venture specialises in the deboning of cull sows and the marketing of specialist products so generated, especially for the processed meat sector.


In February 2016, WestCrown moved into the new production facilities in Dissen/Lower Saxony.

Westfleisch is a European cooperative of 4,900 agricultural, family-owned businesses in northwestern Germany. At the site in Schöppingen, Westfleisch currently debones 350,000 slaughtered sows and is one of the five leading meat distributors in Europe.

For further information, please see: www.westfleisch.de

Danish Crown is an agricultural cooperative with a membership of more than 8,300 Danish farmers. The company slaughters about 325,000 sows annually in Denmark, and is one of the three leading meat exporters worldwide.

For further information, please see: www.danishcrown.com


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Heinrich Blick
Management board

Tel.: +49(0)5421/9495-211
Fax: +49(0)5421/9495-190

Mobile: +49(0)172/535 12 99

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Mario Kohlwes
Management board

Tel.: +49(0)5421/9495-215
Fax: +49(0)5421/9495-190


Mobile: +49(0)152/089 633 07


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Markus Dertwinkel
Head of Procurement

Tel.: +49(0)5421/9495-219
Fax: +49(0)5421/9495-190


Mobile: +49(0)172/239 12 81


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